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User’s default printer not saving in XenDesktop 5.6 using AppSense Environment Manager

During the testing phase of a new VDI rollout, there were many users complaining they had to set their default printer each time they logged into their desktop. I worked with a few of the users and noticed the issue would only occur if they were setting one of their Citrix auto-created printers as the default. We did not see the issue if the user set a network printer as their default printer. Before we go further, lets look at what the environment consisted of:

Citrix XenDesktop 5.6
Citrix Provisioning Server 6.1
VDI Image Operating System: Windows 7 Sp1
AppSense: Environment Manager 8.4

Within our AppSense configuration, we were utilizing Session Data in personalization to capture the user’s default printer which is held under the following registry string entry: Read the rest of this entry »


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